An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company


At Hi-Tech Writing Instruments, we emphasize on CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility principles as a part of our management approach is an effective way to make this association a reality. A Hi-Tech writing Instruments is a vision to enrich people's lives and create values through its provision of products and services.

Our eco friendly products have a reduced impact on the environment

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Our products complies with criteria that assess the reduction of energy consumption, industrial by-products, air and water pollution, etc. Our products have limited use of raw materials, we use recycled materials, the long-lasting performance of its writing instruments, and the resistance of its leads. Our eco friendly concern help consumers to develop ecologically responsible behavior.

Efficient community programs and local initiatives

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The goal is to contributing to pragmatic community programs, promote a safe and healthy work environment, no child labour, no forced labour and no discrimination. Targeted programs and training sessions aim to help employees adapt to the changing work environment. Hi Tech Writing Instruments committed to ensuring a positive work environment for its employees.

CSR Flow chart

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CSR Activities

Through our corporate activities all around the world, we aim to contribute to the development of societies where we do business thereby building relationships of trust with our diverse stakeholders. We extend beyond the statutory obligation and ensure that the organization takes further steps to improve the quality of life for employees, their families, the local community and society.

Our stakeholders include customers, shareholders, employees, dealers and suppliers, as well as the communities where we work and operate. As an ISO-9001:2000 certified unit, we conform quality control standards to ensure not just superior quality but meet customer demands and provide customer satisfaction.

In addition to these Hi-Tech writing instruments is also involved in contributing towards well known charitable institution like SNEHALAYA, a social charitable trust, PARIVAAR EDUCATION SOCIETY, Kolkata and more. Hi-Tech writing instruments endeavours to bring sustainable development to society.